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Little Downham Local History Community Archive Group

Who we are.

In 2005 East Cambs council set up a pilot scheme for an on-line archive, compiled, not by a central authority, but by an initial group of seven independent sites, supported and funded by the Council. Among these groups were Little Downham, Pymoor and Coveney. The scheme was structured so that anyone could join a local group, or make a single contribution from their own computer. In Downham, the scheme was expanded to include a small physical archive, by a group who also organised public events. Although we no longer hold open days, we can be contacted through the website or the Book Café.

The pilot was so successful that it was rolled out to all of Cambridgeshire. At its peak there were almost 50 groups, but budget cuts removed the council’s ability to fund or support the network. A number of groups were compelled to close but now, at last, numbers are again on the increase

What you can do.

History hasn’t stopped. There are entries on most sites for 2015 and you can help by contributing information and a picture of your organisation’s events, as well as looking out any old pictures and documents you may have that depict local life.

will take you to each of the local groups (note – no ‘www’ ), while

will enable you to access any of the 30+ and growing sites now active county-wide. You can contact any group through the ‘contact us’ link on their website.

Do take a look, do join in.