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Campaign Amateur Theatre (CAT) was founded in 1969 as a performing arts group based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Our aim is to offer drama, singing and dance experience to adults and children of all ages, in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

CAT works towards two public theatrical productions per year held at The Maltings, Ely or Ely College. As well as on stage performing experience, we also provide opportunities to help out backstage with stage management, set design and technical roles.

If you'd like to get involved or find out more email


The Village Hall is situated on Main Street and is the venue for many village activities. It is managed by a committee made up of trustees and representatives from the various village groups who use the hall.

For information regarding hire charges and bookings contact Graham Hayter-Smith, the Village Hall Bursar, at
Phone: 01353 699396 or mobile: 07887 525393

Please visit our Facebook Page
and our national halls website page

St George’s Medical Centre, Parsons Lane, Littleport, CB6 1JU

St George’s Medical Centre has an active Patient Group and new members are always welcome. Our aim is to help the Medical Centre to maintain and improve the quality of services available and to provide practical support when needed, for example with health promotion events and displays. We act as a “critical friend” to the GP Practice, offering feedback from a patient’s viewpoint on services, and we also link into wider patient networks in Cambridgeshire.

All registered patients are welcome to join the Patient Group Committee which meets every quarter or alternatively you can join as a "Virtual Group" member and we will keep you up to date with Practice news by email or by post. If you would like to be involved in any of our activities, please get in touch using the Patient Group email address below or telephone 01353 864100 and ask the Reception staff to pass on your details.

Visit our website


Health for Life

Health for Life is a friendly local service that helps lonely or vulnerable people re-engage in local clubs and community groups. By meeting new friends and learning new skills our clients’ confidence grows. Clients are supported to develop more purpose and structure in their lives and ultimately start to feel better about themselves.

The groups we are involved with include local lunch clubs, badminton and other physical activities, walking, knitting, social and basically any others that are running that we can find! And if we feel there is a need for a new type of group then we’ll set one up! All these activities are open to the public so no-one is excluded from enjoying themselves. Everyone has a story to tell, a skill to share and an interest in meeting people.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with transport or to accompany someone who is feeling apprehensive. Some volunteers help facilitate our groups and all our volunteers enjoy the help they give. Here are some quotes from them illustrating just how they benefit from helping someone:
‘I feel I’m putting something back into the community’
‘Just knowing that I’m helping to make a difference to someone’
‘I enjoy meeting assorted people’
‘I should have joined you years ago’

For more information please call Sian on 07857 966475 or the
Red2Green head office on 01223 811662.

Book Cafe

logoThe Little Downham Book Cafe is situated in the Vilage Hall. There are not only books available for loan and reference but also computers for internet access with help and training if required.

You can also have tea, coffee, cold drinks, cakes and a chat with friends or perhaps strangers.

logo Opening Times As Follows:

Monday 7:00 - 9:00 pm (closed for bank holidays)
Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Friday 10:00 - 12:00 am

Library budget cuts are happening, and may affect the Book Café, so please use it or we may lose it!! Remember the clue of what we do is in our name – we loan out books (we offer a full library service), and we have a little café (homemade cakes, tea, coffee or squash if you prefer!). Also if you are looking into your Family Tree, as part of the library service we can offer full access to

We also have the Mobile Library

Mobile library visits 3rd Friday of every month

Little Downham. Village Hall. 15:00-15:45

Policing in the Parish

East Cambridgeshire is divided into community beats that correspond to District Council wards. Therefore Downham Parish falls within the Downham Villages.

It is important that crime is reported so that we can justify the resources that we need to tackle it. Witnesses are always an important part of ensuring that a crime recieves the correct punishment and the police can be infirmed without necessarily having your identity revealed to offenders or through third parties such as Crimestoppers or local councillors.

Let your local Neighbourhood Policing Team keep you informed about what is happening in your area. Sign up for eCops.

To see the presentation given to the 2013 Annual Parish Meeting Click Here

To report antisocial behaviour complete this attached form

If you wish to report a non-emergency incident the first point of contact should be the central switchboard on the following number


Ely Playford Dancing Goup

Ely Playford is a group of dancers who meet fortnightly on Friday evenings from 7.30 -10.00pm in Little Downham Village Hall. The dances that are taught, practised and enjoyed were popular in the Regency period and continue to this day. Everyone is welcome to attend and no partner or experience is required. We hold an annual Regency Ball where the wearing of Regency style clothing is encouraged though evening dress is also acceptable. During our regular meetings casual and comfortable clothing is appropriate. New members are warmly welcomed

For more information contact

Local Minor Injuries Facilities

Doddington Hospital
Princess of Wales Hospital
North Cambs Hospital Minor Injuries Units (MIU)

What is a Minor Injury Unit (MIU)?
• A Nurse Practitioner – led service where patients can be seen and treated for minor injuries and illnesses.
• A centre where patients may be treated and discharged, have follow-up treatment arranged if necessary or be referred to other services where appropriate

What facilities are available?
• An X-Ray service
• Wound closure (stitches, steristrips, glue)
• Application of plaster casts / splints (for patients diagnosed and treated at the centre)

See this Patient Information Leaflet for full information

Car sharing with

What’s it all about and what’s in it for you?

Car sharing refers to two or more people sharing a car journey, rather than driving their own individual cars. With car sharing, you have prior arrangements on how to share the journey’s cost and how to share driving responsibility.

So, why car share at all? is Cambridgeshire’s very own free car sharing service. Simply register your journey, contact those people who share the same journey as you, then arrange to car share as little or as often as you like.

Visit today to see who else in Little Downham you can share a journey with.

For more information call 01223715560 or email CamShare is provided by Cambridgeshire County Council and the Travel for Work Partnership

Befriending & Family Support Schemes

Would you like to make a difference to the life of a child or young person with learning disabilities in your area?

Cambridgeshire Mencap is looking for volunteers for its Befriending & Family Support Schemes.

Our Befriending scheme matches volunteers young people with learning disabilities, to enable them to socialise, doing fun things like bowling or going to the cinema. It only takes a few hours of your time and it really does change lives.

Our Family Support scheme provides extra help for parents and carers when and where they need it most by providing a trained volunteer to regularly visit the child or young person and provide practical help to the family.

We think our volunteers are exceptional and you could be too!

We give training and support, but it’s the young people who make it all worthwhile. Rob said “I’m so glad I got in touch about volunteering. If you’re thinking about volunteering; just do it, you’ll never regret it.”

Like to know more? Contact Marika Newman on 01223 883 141
or email