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Little Downham
Parish Council

Next Council Meeting:
7:00pm Thursday 17th September
REMOTE MEETING BY ZOOM, (contact Parish Clerk for more details)

Agenda for Thursday 17thSeptember

LDPC Remote Meeting policy

ZOOM Meetings Policy

Little Downham
Parish Council

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Parish Council Members' Code of Conduct
Lt Downham Complaints Committee Mins 2016-02-11
Members register of interests.
Annual Report 2019-20
LDPC Publication Scheme.
Proposed dates for Council meetings in 2020 are available here

Please note that planning meetings are provisional on applications being received.

Contact Privacy Notice.

Code for handling general complaints.

Notice of Audit.


Councillors and contact details

For enquiries regarding Parish Council business
or general enquiries regarding the parish then please contact:

Mrs J M Wardle, Clerk to Little Downham Parish Council
30 New Close Road
Lt Thetford,
Telephone: 01353 649499

John BarkerParish Councillor5 Third Drove, Lt Downham, CB6 2UE07545 885538
Andrew ButcherParish Councillor6 Fourth Drove, Lt Downham, CB6 2ES
Amber CollinsParish Councillor20 Cross Lane, Little Downham CB6 2TJ07411 205285
Richard MaxeyParish Councillor44 Cannon Street, Lt Downham, CB6 2SR
07770 953293
Dale Parson
Parish CouncillorLaurel Farm, Main Street, Lt Downham, CB6 2ER
07785 972705
Gail Taylor Parish CouncillorWillow Farm, Pymoor Common, Lt Downham, CB6 2WA01353 698555
Mark Taylor Parish CouncillorCarlisle Farm, Main Drove, Little Downham CB6 2ER
07831 810052
Ross Taylor Parish CouncillorWestmoor House, 68 Main Street, Pymoor CB6 2DY07774 554077
Charlotte Webb Parish CouncillorTopfield, California, Lt Downham CB6
Jo Waters
Parish Councillor56A Cannon Street, Lt Downham, CB6 2SS
07736 999253
Owen Winters Parish Councillorc/o Valhalla, Third Drove, Little Downham, CB6 2UE01353 699246
Jackie Wardle Parish Council
30 New Close Road, Lt Thetford,
Ely Cambs CB6 3HQ
01353 649499
Anna BaileyDistrict Councillor40 Cambridge Rd, Ely, CB7 4HL
01353 663253
Lorna DupreCounty CouncillorInglefield, 119 High Street, Sutton, Ely CB6 2NW
07930 337596


Useful Telephone Numbers

POLICE If your call is to report an emergency
or you are witnessing a crime in progress
please dial 999.
For all other calls please
ring the customer service centre
on 101

To report crime anonymously call Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Little Downham
Parish Council
01353 649499 Parish play areas, conservation areas
grass cutting, street furniture
East Cambs
District Council
01353 665555
East Cambs District Council Website

For extra garden waste wheelie bins see here
Refuse sack delivery

Dog fouling, fly tipping
noise nuisance, pest control
abandoned vehicles, Electoral Register
Council Tax, home energy conservation
County Council
0345 045 5200
CCC Website
Education, county libraries, social care, public transport
CCC Highways and Rights of Way 0345 045 5212
For information on the County Council highways
fault reporting system Click here.
Roads, footpaths
gritting, drains
interactive speed signs
Ely Registration Office
Ely Foodbank Emergency food needs and general enquiries 01353 468626
Electricity emergencies105
National Grid Gas emergency - 0800 111 999 Electricity emergency - 0800 404 090
Environment Agency Floodline0845 988 1188


Below are the approved minutes from previous council meetings

Minutes 17th June 2020
Minutes 20th May 2020
Minutes 26th March 2020
Minutes 13th February 2020
Minutes 16th January 2020
Minutes 10th December 2019
Minutes 21st November 2019
Minutes 17th October 2019
Minutes 3rd October 2019 Extraordinary Meeting
Minutes 19th September 2019
Minutes 15th August 2019
Minutes 18th July 2019
Minutes 20th June 2019
Minutes 4th June 2019
Minutes 16th May 2019
Minutes 11th April 2019
Minutes 14th March 2019
Minutes 21st February 2019
Minutes 17th January 2019
Minutes 12th December 2018
Minutes 22nd November 2018
Minutes 18th October 2018
Minutes 20th September 2018
Minutes 16th August 2018
Minutes 19th July 2018
Minutes 21st June 2018
Minutes 24th May 2018
AGM Minutes 10th May 2018
Minutes 26th April 2018
Minutes 22nd March 2018
Minutes 15th February 2018
Minutes 18th January 2018
Minutes 14th December 2017
Minutes 23rd November 2017
Minutes 19th October 2017
Minutes 12th October 2017
Minutes 21st September 2017
Minutes 17th August 2017
Minutes 27th July 2017
Minutes 13th July 2017
Minutes 22nd June 2017
AGM Minutes 25th May 2017
AGM Minutes 11th May 2017
Minutes 11th May 2017
Minutes 4th April 2017
Minutes 23rd March 2017
Minutes 23rd February 2017
Minutes 19th January 2017
Minutes 15th December 2016
Minutes 24th November 2016
Minutes 20th October 2016
Minutes 22nd September 2016
Minutes 18th August 2016
Minutes 28th July 2016
Minutes 30th June 2016
Minutes 16th June 2016
Minutes 26th May 2016
Minutes 12th May 2016
AGM Minutes 12th May 2016
Minutes 21st April 2016
Minutes 17th March 2016
Minutes 18th February 2016
Minutes 28th January 2016
Minutes 14th January 2016
Minutes 3rd December 2015
Minutes 19th November 2015
Minutes 22nd October 2015
Minutes 24th September 2015
Minutes 20th August 2015
Minutes 23rd July 2015
Minutes 25th June 2015
Minutes 28th May 2015
Minutes 14th May 2015
AGM Minutes 14th May 2015
Minutes 16th April 2015
Meeting Minutes 12th March 2015
Meeting Minutes 12th February 2015
Meeting Minutes 15th January 2015
Meeting Minutes 11th December 2014
Meeting Minutes 13th November 2014
Meeting Minutes 9th October 2014
Meeting Minutes 11th September 2014
Meeting Minutes 14th August 2014
Meeting Minutes 17th July 2014
Meeting Minutes 19th June 2014
Meeting Minutes 15th May 2014
Meeting Minutes 10th April 2014
Meeting Minutes 13th March 2014
Meeting Minutes 13th February 2014
Meeting Minutes 16th January 2014
Meeting Minutes 12th December 2013
Meeting Minutes 14th November 2013
Meeting Minutes 17th October 2013
Meeting Minutes 12th September 2013
Meeting Minutes 15th August 2013
Meeting Minutes 18th July 2013
Meeting Minutes 20th June 2013
Meeting Minutes 23rd May 2013
AGM Minutes 9th May 2013
Meeting Minutes 9th May 2013
Meeting Minutes 11th April 2013
Meeting Minutes 14th March 2013
Meeting Minutes 14th February 2013
Meeting Minutes 17th January 2013
Meeting Minutes 13th December 2012
Meeting Minutes 22nd November 2012
Meeting Minutes 11th October 2012
Meeting Minutes 13th September 2012
Meeting Minutes 16th August 2012
Meeting Minutes 19th July 2012
Meeting Minutes 21st June 2012
Meeting Minutes 31st May 2012
Meeting Minutes 10th May 2012
Meeting Minutes 19th April 2012
Meeting Minutes 15th March 2012
Meeting Minutes 16th February 2012
Meeting Minutes 19th January 2012
Meeting Minutes 15th December 2011
Meeting Minutes 22nd November 2011
Meeting Minutes 3rd November 2011
Meeting Minutes 13th October 2011
Meeting Minutes 15th September 2011
Meeting Minutes 18th August 2011
Meeting Minutes 21st July 2011
Meeting Minutes 16th June 2011
Meeting Minutes 26th May 2011
AGM Meeting Minutes 12th May 2011
Meeting Minutes 12th May 2011
Meeting Minutes 14th April 2011
Meeting Minutes 17th March 2011
Meeting Minutes 17th February 2011
Meeting Minutes 20th January 2011
Meeting Minutes 16th December 2010
Meeting Minutes 25th November 2010
Meeting Minutes 4th November 2010
Meeting Minutes 14th October 2010
Play Area and Recreation committee 1st July 2010
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 1st July 2010
Meeting Minutes 10th September 2010
Meeting Minutes 19th August 2010
Meeting Minutes 22nd July 2010
Meeting Minutes 1st July 2010
Meeting Minutes 17th June 2010
Play Area and Recreation committee 18th March 2010
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 18th March 2010
Meeting Minutes 27th May 2010
2010 AGM Minutes Meeting Minutes 13th May 2010
Meeting Minutes 15th April 2010
Meeting Minutes 18th March 2010
Play Area and Recreation committee5th November 2009
Meeting Minutes 18th February 2010
Meeting Minutes 14th January 2010
Meeting Minutes 15th December 2009
Meeting Minutes 26th November 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 5th November 2009
Meeting Minutes 15th October 2009
Play Area and Recreation committee 2nd July 2009
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 2nd July 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 24th September 2009
Meeting Minutes 3rd September 2009
Meeting Minutes 23rd July 2009
Planning Minutes 13th August 2009
Planning Minutes 2nd July 2009
Meeting Minutes 18th June 2009
Play Area and Recreation committee 5th March 2009
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 5th March 2009
Meeting Minutes 28th May 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 26th May 2009
AGM Minutes 14th May 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 14th May 2009
Meeting Minutes 23rd April 2009
Planning Minutes 2nd April 2009
Meeting Minutes 19th March 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 5th March 2009
Meeting Minutes 12th February 2009
Play Area and Recreation committee 6th November 2008
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 6th November 2008
Meeting Minutes 15th January 2009
Extraordinary Minutes 11th December 2008
Meeting Minutes 27th November 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 6th November 2008
Meeting Minutes 16th October 2008
Play Area and Recreation committee Minutes 3rd July 2008
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 3rd July 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 25th September 2008
Meeting Minutes 4th September 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 29th July 2008
Meeting Minutes 22nd July 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 3rd July 2008
Meeting Minutes 12th June 2008
Meeting Minutes 22nd May 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 8th May 2008
AGM Minutes 8th May 2008
Meeting Minutes 17th May 2008
Meeting Minutes 20th March 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 6th March 2008
Meeting Minutes 21st February 2008
Planning Minutes 3rd January 2008
Extraordinary Minutes 11th December 2007
Meeting Minutes 29th November 2007
Play Area and Recreation committee Minutes 12th July 2007
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 12th July 2007
Extraordinary Minutes 18th September 2007
Meeting Minutes 6th September 2007
Planning Minutes 14th August 2007
Meeting Minutes 26th July 2007
Planning Minutes 12th July 2007
Meeting Minutes 21st June 2007
Play Area and Recreation committee Minutes 8th March 2007
Admin and Finance committee Minutes 8th March 2007
Extraordinary Minutes 5th June 2007
Planning Minutes 30th May 2007
Meeting Minutes 24th May 2007
Extraordinary Minutes 10th May 2007
AGM Minutes 10th May 2007
Extraordinary Minutes 25th April 2007
Meeting Minutes 19th April 2007
Planning Minutes 3rd April 2007
Meeting Minutes 22nd March 2007
Meeting Minutes 22nd February 2007
Planning Minutes 6th February 2007
Meeting Minutes 18th January 2007
Planning Minutes 4th January 2007
Planning Minutes 13th December 2006
Meeting Minutes 30th November 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 21st November 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 2nd November 2006
Meeting Minutes 10th October 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 22nd September 2006
Meeting Minutes 7th September 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 21st August 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 27th July 2006
Meeting Minutes 20th July 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 6th July 2006
Meeting Minutes 15th June 2006
Extraordinary Minutes 30th May 2006
Meeting Minutes 18th May 2006
AGM Minutes 11th May 2006
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 11th May 2006
Meeting Minutes 20th April 2006
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 6th April 2006
Meeting Minutes 16th March 2006
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 2nd March 2006
Meeting Minutes 16th February 2006
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 30th January 2006
Meeting Minutes 20th January 2006